Since being introduced to Robert and the Bluewater Financial team by a friend some five years ago, they have taken care of my financial requirements in an extremely professional manner. Within the business community I meet a diverse range of people and I have been asked about my financial advisers and I have given Robert a high recommendation and will continue to do so.

Robert, Motor Vehicle Dealer Principal

Robert and the Bluewater team provide a refreshing approach to providing financial advice. By providing clear, intelligent and concise financial advice, I have been able to make the most of the available options open to me and my business.

John, Health Care Service Provider

I have always found Robert to provide excellent financial advice to me and my staff. His technical expertise is sound and most helpful. The comments of all those to whom I have recommended his services have been positive. It is clear that Roberts business vision is to retain the loyalty of his clients by providing them with excellent financial advice which is properly tailored to their needs

George, Director – Manufacturing Company

A business partnership in todays world poses a number of challenges if the necessary planning is not properly addressed. Robert was able to engage us in an open discussion with regards to the what ifs of a partnership. He was able to demonstrate potential challenges in an easy to understand manor and provided a solution that fit our overall requirements.

Vic, Director – Building Services Company

Robert was a pleasure to deal with regarding our partnership insurance. His extreme attention to detail and his energetic personality made business dealings a refreshing experience.

Peter, Restauranteur

When I first started talking to Robert 2 years ago, we were just getting our family going and thought we had our planning in check. Robert was able to share some innovative ideas that did not sacrifice our monthly spending and enabled us to protect our needs and start saving for the future. Now we can spend less time focusing on our financial affairs and direct our energy towards our business, which in turn increases our bottom line.

John, Photography Studio Proprietor