What We Do


Financial Planning is all about knowing where you presently are, where you would like to be in the future, and plotting and navigating a set of carefully assessed strategies to get there. It is an ongoing process to help you through life with security and peace-of-mind.

The most current and tax effective strategies both pre-retirement and post-retirement are employed to achieve the best possible outcome for our valued clients. We keep up-to-date with market innovations through professional training programs and industry seminars.

At Bluewater we believe that a solid foundation for wealth creation is a neccessity, therefore we recommend the most appropriate personal risk protection strategies so to safeguard you and your family from the unknown, such as sickness, disability or death.

At Bluewater we also believe that the most significant determining factors of wealth creation are diversification, regular reviews, a definite time frame and utilising the most up to date and strategic tax advice, bringing these areas together will provide a greater chance of stable, long-term wealth creation.

The Bluewater Financial service brings to our clients numerous benefits of the larger practices but enhanced by the personalised professional approach of a boutique private practice.

Please review the complete range of our wealth management and professional services to see how we may enhance your current situation and future prosperity.